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Olds College AGDM weather station located adjacent to our acreage.  It is managed by Alberta Climate Information Service.  This station provides a lot more current and historical data than the station I have at our house

Long term weather trends of the for specific areas in Alberta


Rates and tariffs from the Alberta Utility Commission


Petroleum price data from the Kent Group


Weather radar from the Hail suppression service based at the Olds / Didsbury airport.  Operational during the summer time .  The FORECAST menu option provides a very detailed weather report

Still or animated image types include:

  • VIL (vertically integrated liquid water content): estimate of total mass of vertically suspended moisture for an 3 km square area of precipitation.  Greater than 40 kg indicates 2 cm damaging hail is present
  • Base reflectivity: short range (124 miles) echoes from a single radar beam close to ground level.  It shows what is happening at ground level but will miss high clouds and vertically building thunderstorms
  • Composite reflectivity: multiple radar beams (up to 248 miles) combined into one.  See structure and intensity.  1/4 the resolution of base reflectivity so it will miss smaller storms
  • Max DBZ:  Indicates rain rate.  Over 20 indicates light/trace rain, 40 moderate, 55 very heavy rain / small hail, 65 large hail